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Modern & Minimalist Interior Design ( White Home Decor Design with Art Painting)

Minimalist interior design is a modern design that offers you the simple and organized design. Usually minimalist design will relate to the stark and cold colors. But wait, actually minimalist design does not always about stark and cold colors.

There are many interior design inspirations you can get either from online sources or offline sources. In online sources you can open many official websites from home interior and design companies or suggestion from those people that concern on the minimalist interior designs.

Modern interior designs are not the cold or harsh decoration that emerges couple years ago, but these designs offer the softer look, personal, comfortable and easier for the owner. Here, you could find your taste in minimalist interior designs, since there are many styles you can take for your home.

With the simplicity and the tidy style, you will be able to maintained it well and stay neatly and tidy in your home. This design will offer the simple thing in your life so you do not feel mess up every day. But if you are typically like the mess in your house will all of your lovely stuffs, this design is not suitable with you. If you like snacks around you while you are watching TV or you like being surrounded by all of your favorite books, minimalist interior design just give you a nightmare.

Since minimalist interior design really concern with the position of the furniture, you cannot put anything you want in any place.  Minimalist interior design scheme is a simple, relaxing style, but also has a contemporary feel.

For the colors of the walls, in the minimalist design interior white color will be the most favorite choice because white will make a perfect touch of minimalist style. but you can also choose the warm neutral colors and also the natural colors for the walls. Try to use stone, beige, taupe, brown, or green color for the walls.

You will use two colors; the base color should be pale color and use splash color for the accents color. Or you can have the furnishings color as the accent color for instance the sofa or kitchen set color. Remember to choose only one color for the color accent. Use the bright color such as red or deep green or brown.

Choose simple and classy for the minimalist design interior. Choose the furniture that has plain, modern-looking, dark leather, white or bright color, chrome, glass, mirror, or stainless steel for the furnishings. The key term for minimalist design is less is more. Thus, choose plain and wooden floors to give simple effect of your floors.


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